Camper van accessories

Best Accessories for Campervans

Whether you're paying a conversion company or building your van yourself, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is what accessories to include in your setup. From roof racks and solar panels to outdoor kitchens and portable toilets, there are so many campervan accessories available on the market that it can feel overwhelming.

Depending on your campervan type, some campervan accessories will work better than others. Popular campervans like Mercedes Sprinter vans, Dodge ProMasters, Ford Transits, and more all require different kinds of gear for their particular builds. Especially if you're buying interior components or parts that are dimension-specific, you'll need to make sure that they're compatible with your base vehicle.

If you’re looking for a low-cost way to customize your campervan and upgrade your experience on the road, investing in a few accessories is a great place to start. Keep reading for our guide on the best campervan accessories, and shop 24/7 at

Accessories to add to (or buy for) your camper van

Investing in accessories is a great way to add style, comfort, and convenience to your campervan. Whether you have a Mercedes Sprinter Van, Dodge ProMaster, Ford Transit, or any other type of camper van, the right gear and gadgets can completely change the look and feel of your build. From roof racks and solar panels to outdoor kitchens and portable toilets, with the right campervan accessories, you'll be able to create the perfect setup for your next adventure. Keep reading for our guide on the best campervan accessories and essential gadgets.

Roof Racks and Bike Carriers

Camper van roof racks are a must-have, whether you’re carrying bikes, kayaks, luggage or other outdoor gear. Consider investing in a sturdy roof rack system that can carry up to 150 lbs of cargo. If you're planning on bringing your bike with you on the road, look for a campervan bike carrier that fits securely onto your campervan and is easy to set up.

Storage Boxes

Maximize your campervan storage with exterior boxes mounted to the back of your van. Whether you’re organizing gear, food, or other supplies, storage boxes are the perfect way to keep everything in its place while you’re on the road. Opt for boxes with locking mechanisms to add some extra peace of mind.

Stoves, Outdoor Kitchen Accessories, and Cooking Gadgets

Most campervan enthusiasts choose to bring some level of cooking gear along with them. Consider investing in an outdoor stove and portable kitchen setup, such as the Camp Chef Pro 30 Burner. Build out your packing list with cookware and utensils. You can also look at campervan-specific items like storage containers, cutting boards, and shelves.

Portable Toilets

For campervan living, having a portable toilet can be a real game-changer. Portable campervan toilets are available in different types and sizes, such as flushable and dry composting models.

Solar Panels and Batteries

With solar panels and batteries, you can stay off the grid and camp anywhere without worrying about running out of power. Portable solar panel kits come with everything you need to generate your own electricity directly from the sun. You can also invest in a campervan battery system to store and use your solar power when you need it.

Extras and "soft goods"

Finally, don't forget about the little things! Camp furniture, decor, blankets, cooking utensils, rugs, and window shades are all must-have campervan accessories for any van owner who wants to stay comfortable on the road. The best part? You get to choose what works for you—from budget-friendly options to luxury campervan add-ons. This is where you really get to make your van feel like a home on wheels.


No matter what van you have, accessories are a great way to customize and upgrade your rig for the road. Whether you’re looking for basic gear or something more luxurious, check out our selection of roof racks, van hooks, bumpers, gear storage boxes, and other gadgets at

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